Available online on March 5th - le Swing du Businessman


A distracted and penniless businessman gets ready to get to his new job. But the task will be harder than it seems...

ON MARCH 5TH 2013: Get the whole February show on video at http://www.swingdubusinessman.com/buy.php ! An hour fifteen minutes of fun!

Join the team of Swing ConneXion in their first long stage show: le Swing du Businessman. Relive with them the fun and elation of the dances and atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties, in an imaginative story where you'll meet all sorts of colorful character who revisit the style of silent comedy from Chaplin's time!

Les Projections Libres (http://www.projectionslibres.com/) offer us a unique camera play full of surprises, in this performance filmed at the beautiful Rialto Theater on February 16th 2013.


Zack Richard
Lunou Samson-Poirot
Dany Plouffe
Geneviève St-Laurent
Aimee Mannella
Alexandre Hétu-Rivard
Nadine Gagnon
Michel Mazerolle
Randy Panté
Myriam Baril

and special guest Jon Tigert