Welcome to Swingin'Montreal

Welcome to Swingin'Montreal !

Swingin'Montreal is THE reference for Swing dancing in Montreal.

Find here all the information about all the main Swing organizations in Montreal.


Next session - October 5th at the Studio 88-SWING

Here are the classes that Studio 88-SWING offers you for the October 5th session:

Swing 1 - Monday October 5th at 7pm - No prerequisite

Swing 2 - Tuesday October 6th at 8:35pm - Prerequisite: Swing 1 or equivalence

Swing 3 - Wednesday October 7th at 7pm - Prerequisite: Swing 2 or equivalence

Swing 4 - Thursday October 8th at 8:35pm - Prerequisite: Swing 3 or equivalence

Balboa 1 - Thursday Octber 8th at 7pm - No prerequisite

Balboa 4 - Monday Octber 5th at 8:35pm - Prerequi

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